Understanding The Various Roofing Styles and Slopes

Understanding The Various Roofing Styles and Slopes

There are many different roofing styles used today. Each style is unique in its structure and design, and often times to a particular location. A specific building type can also determine, at times, the type of roof that will cover it.
The reason that certain roofing styles are used in specific locations is because they all perform differently depending on the geography. This article outlines some of the most popular roofing styles used today, and provides some details about each one.
A hipped roof is characterized by four uniformly pitched (that is to say sloped) sides resembling a pyramid. Though not as commonly used as some of the other types, it can be seen in different parts of the world.
On a simple style roof, all four sloping sides meet at a ridge across the top. Here, the front ridge is usually broader than the side sections.
On a pyramidal roof, all four sloping sides come to a point at the top of the roof. This, of course, forms a pyramid and is reminiscent of older architecture.
On a cross-hipped roof, perpendicular wings are added to the main section of roof, forming two individual sections both with their own hipped faade. A gambrel roof is constructed so that each side has two slopes; a steeper lower slope, and a flatter upper one. This is often associated with barns.

A saltbox roof is gabled with asymmetrical sides. This type of roof is said to resemble an 18th century saltbox, and was used many years ago to cover homes whose architectural style shared the same name.

A Mansard roof forms a double slope where two slopes are located on each of the four sides. Here, the lower slopes are steeper than the upper ones.

A shed roof consists of one high pitched planes covering the entire structure. It is often used for home additions and to cover porches.
A flat roof contains no slopes, and may or may not have eaves. This type is still used in many locations today.
If you are in need of a new roof, and are unsure about what types and styles will work for your home or building, consult with a professional in the field. Where you live can make a big difference, as well as the type of building you are wishing to re-roof. There are many options available to you, and many people out there to assist you in making this decision.
The cost of your new roof will also vary according to the type of roof you choose and materials used. Certain roofs are more complex than others and some materials cost more than others. The exact type you choose can be a matter of personal preference or can depend on location. Before you make a decision research all the types available to you to find out which will be best. Also ask about installation costs as well as for service and warranty information. You’ll need this in the future as you care for and properly maintain your brand new roof.Learn more at central md roofing

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