My Opinion on the Big Hitters – Apple Vs Android

My Opinion on the Big Hitters – Apple Vs Android

What do you like, quality or quantity? In some cases one is more important than the other. But in the PC world those words take on many a different context. This can make all the difference between a smooth install and a system crash, or secure software and a virus. As far as the two big players in the mobile market being the iPad and Android based Tablets (1 and 2 respectively) it’s become obvious that what you choose has become mostly based on, at least for me, what you want the most. Quality or Quantity. Many people simply love the ease of deployment and wide selection of the android market along with much of it being of no cost. Yet there are those who love the great quality of iPhone apps, thanks to Apple reviewing every last App that hits the market.

My spill on Android…
The fact that Android has such a large market and is continuing to grow is something that appeals to many due to the fact that you can not only download a vast amount of apps for free but you can also download the app online outside of the marketplace itself. This lends to the ease of access to the Android audience from a Developer standpoint. It’s very easy to develop and test an App for Android and deploy it on the market or on your website for others to download instantly. But this does come with a price.

There have been plenty of issues with corrupt files and viruses on these free Applications as well so you do to the ease of entering the Android market; you have just as much risk of downloading something from Joe Developer, as John Hacker. Of course that’s not too say that this can’t be avoided by having a bit of scrutiny and educating yourself on what you are downloading and from whom. As long as you have that then your overall risk percentage is very tolerable. How this will bode for Tablets we will see. I have yet to hear of any app security issues for tablets as of yet but that’s probably only because I haven’t looked hard enough.
Apple on the other hand…
Now as for the Apple marketplace iTunes, things are bit more controlled. Every app that hits the market from any developer must be reviewed for quality and functionality before it hits the market, making it very hard to sneak a line of diabolical code in there and cause some havoc. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s impossible but again this is about the percentage of risk remaining at tolerable levels. Apple does this nicely. However I find it difficult to find the perfect app for more complex tasks without having to pay for it.

So I guess it’s all about what your preferences are and where your loyalty lies that will make the call for you as to which direction you are going to go. The iPad price is pretty set, with no signs dropping. But you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a cheap tablet PC running Android as they have always been good about getting into the hands of the common consumer a little better than Apple I think. Myself personally I love the iPad but then I see an awesome Android tab and I’m quickly pulled the opposite direction. I think I’ll head to my nearest Best Buy soon and continue my tablet PC comparison. Later folks! Learn more on ipad screen repair.

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