Why I started drinking Kombucha

I remember the first time I ever heard about drinking Kombucha.  I was visiting my sister years ago for Thanksgiving and she was telling me all about a friend of hers.  “She has this big jug of tea that sits on her counter and there’s this giant mushroom-looking thing floating in it.  It’s so gross.  She always tries to give me some and there is NO way I’m drinking that!”  My sister and I were both grossed out and humored by the fact that anyone could drink anything that had a ‘mother’ and produced ‘babies’!  We both swore we would never drink something like that. Yuck!

How does that old saying go again?  Oh yeah….

Never say never!

Fast forward a couple of years.  I began being a bit more health conscious and much more aware of the foods – and drinks – I put in my body.  I started researching and began reading about Kombucha and fermented foods.  I found great, informative sites like Wellness Mama and Cultured Food Life.  I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more.  Maybe this Kombucha stuff wasn’t so bad after all.

A local organic store offered a Kombucha class earlier this year.  I signed up and, for a mere $15, learned all about how to brew it and brought home a beautiful baby SCOBY to feed and grow.  So, I brought my baby SCOBY home, fed it some sweet tea and waited….somewhat impatiently…..for it to ferment.  I waited 10 whole days and loved the result!  Tangy, tart, delicious.  I’ve been hooked ever since!  Funny how something that I used to be grossed out by is now a daily staple in my diet.

Thankfully, I’ve always been a fairly healthy person so I wasn’t looking for Kombucha to heal me or to be a magic cure.   I just figured that if I could be more healthy, why not be more healthy?  Kombucha is a natural detoxifier, great for gut health, full of probiotics, can increase energy and improves digestion.  And these are just a few of the ways you can benefit from it.  I like to think of my daily dose of ‘booch as my preventative ‘medicine’. 

Speaking of gut health, both of my siblings and my mother suffer from stomach issues.  Indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, etc.  Thankfully, this has not been an issue for me…..yet.  And I’d like to keep it that way!  I’m hoping that by drinking my Kombucha daily and enjoying fermented foods (like sauerkraut and kimchi), that I can keep any of these issues that may be hereditary at bay.  I really wish I would have known more about Kombucha when I was pregnant and living off of antacids!
As I said before, I didn’t have any ailments that I was looking for the Kombucha to heal.  I have noticed some small changes, but the biggest is that my immune system seems to be stronger since drinking kombucha.  Recently, my preschooler brought home the first bug of the year.  In the past, he was always so gracious to pass along any and all sicknesses to myself and his younger sister. Not this time!  I never once had a sniffle, sneeze or cough while caring for them.  Coincidence?  Maybe….but I think I have my daily Kombucha to thank for that.
I’m slowly working on getting my family on board.  My three year old will share a glass with me almost every day….my four year old, not so much.  My husband will take a sip every now and then.  It’s a work in progress 🙂

I look forward to my daily dose of ‘booch and am having fun playing with different flavors.  I love that I can share it with others and hopefully help them down a healthier path. 

A special thanks to Sara of Great Days of Hayes blog for sharing this great story of her journey with Kombucha.

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