What is Kombucha fermentation?

Simply said, fermentation is the process where sugars are consumed and turned into Acids, Gases, and/or Alcohol. The Kombucha Kombucha Fermentationfermentation process is what turns a simple sweet tea mixture into the fizzy drink we love so much. When you make your own Kombucha, and you add the SCOBY to the tea and sugar mixture, you begin the Kombucha fermentation process. Over the course of 7-10 days the living bacteria of the SCOBY will eat the sugar. The bi-products of this chemical process are the Acids and Gases that give Kombucha it’s vinegary taste and fizz. Because of the gases created, make sure you cover your brew with a breathable material like cheese cloth so the excess gas can escape.

Here are some other common foods and drinks that rely on fermentation…

Foods Drinks
Sourdough Bread Beer
Sauerkraut Wine
Yogurt Kefir
Sour Cream Kvass
Miso Chinese Rice Wine
Pickles Ginger Beer