Kombucha Benefits – Keys to a healthier life

Kombucha’s benefits to ones health are seemingly endless even though there is little if any support from scientific evidence.  Because the hard evidence is lacking, we rely on the countless testimonials from real people and over 2,000 years of history to build a case for Kombucha’s benefits.  Kombucha as a dietary supplement is by no means a cure to any illness, disease or condition.

Kombucha Benefits: 9 of the top health benefits associated with Kombucha

  1. Body Detox and Cleanse
  2. Intestinal Health and Digestive Improvement
  3. Boost Immune System
  4. Increased Metabolism
  5. PH Balance
  6. Connective Tissue Repair
  7. Blood Pressure Stabilization
  8. Anti-Cancer
  9. Lower Blood Glucose (great for diabetics)


The information above is not meant to be a substitute for the expert medical opinion of a board-certified doctor, dietitian or other health professional.