Finding the best container for Kombucha

So you have your Kombucha Recipe and are ready to make your first batch, but what’s the best container for Kombucha? I have my theory on what the best container for Kombucha is, but first a funny (now) story about what lead me to my decision.

I made my very first batch of Kombucha in a really small container. Fortunate for me it turned out tasty and left me wanting alot more. Looking back at how it took over a week to make a single batch I immediately thought of going BIG. I made a trip to the local brewery supply shop and find an awesome 5 gallon glass brewing jug. Perfect for my Kombucha, right?  

I bring it home, sanitize it, place it on my kitchen counter and fill it with tea, water and my home-grown scoby. I wrap it with a Kombucha warming sleeve and patiently let it sit for nearly 2 weeks. Finally it comes time to bottle my huge batch of Kombucha. I stick the clean siphon in the jug and CRACK.  It happened in slow motion. 5 gallons of Kombucha poured onto my entire kitchen floor.

For this reason, I now use a 1 Gallon Pickle Jar. It’s really the best container for Kombucha because they are easy to come by, they are a manageable size, and they work great for most Kombucha Recipes.

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